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2019 Lonehawk Cabernet Sauvignon Label

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HARVESTED: October 3, 2019

VINEYARD: Santa Cruz Mountains 

SOILS:  loamy clay

BOTTLED: April 2021, 50 cases

COMPOSITION: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

ALCOHOL: 13.8%

WINEMAKER: Charlie Miller




Spring was long and cold with plenty of rain throughout the region. For those vineyards that started bloom after the rains, the crop was very strong. Everything seemed to come late – from budbreak to bloom and right on through varaison. Ripening came about at a snail’s pace, ultimately making for wines with great flavor at lower alcohol levels. 



Grape clusters were hand picked, destemmed, sorted, and fermented as one 2-ton lot. The grapes were left on skins for 18 days, punched down manually twice a day, and gently pressed to French Oak (50% new). Raised up in barrel over the course of 19 months with regular topping and careful SO2 management for optimal expression of this single vineyard’s terroir. Bottled unfined, unfiltered. 



Saddle up for a ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains. Taste the dusty earth, smell the rain on a hot day, the sage and wild thyme blowing in the wind. Pair that cowboy vision with a slice of a blueberry pie and you get a glass of the 2019 Lonehawk – serious, cinematic, simply delicious. Deep in color and generous in tannin, allow this one time to open up and enjoy!



Enjoy over the next 7-10 years.