Treat yourself. Save money. Have fun. All at the same time? What is this witchcraft??

Choose to receive 3 or 6 or 12 bottles of delicious wine, twice a year at a BIG discount

100% free monthly wine-tasting Open Day visits for you, plus a thirsty friend (or foe).

Club-only pre-releases, one-offs & reserves of our award-winning locally-grown wines 

Wine clubs tend to offer a measly 10 or 15% discount. Rubbish! You deserve far more:

Twice a Year Discount Average Price
3 bottles 20% $75
6 bottles 25% $140
12 bottles 30% $260

The little details

  • Your 20/25/30% discount will be applied to any other purchases all year round!
  • UPS Shipping at cost or pick up from Winery (weekday mornings & monthly open days)
  • Typical UPS is $9 for 3 bottles, $13 for 6, $19 for 12, depending on location in California
  • Receive the discount on venue fees when you or a friend book an event at the winery
  • You may request ‘reds only’, or ‘whites only’, or to do the ‘hokeypokey’ if you prefer.
  • You may cancel any time, just admit you can’t take any more infernally delicious wines!

For More Information About Joining Our Wine Club…

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