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2017 Sauvignon Blanc Label


HARVESTED: August 29th, 2017
VINEYARD: Atherton and Woodside.
SOILS: loamy clay
BOTTLED: February 2018
COMPOSITION: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
ALCOHOL: 13.6%

The winter rains brought a joyful end to a 5 year drought, with coastal areas of the mountains receiving as much as 100 inches. The wet winter brought incredible growth and healthy vigor to the vines, and anything else that wanted to grow in the vineyards. The vineyard crews had to balance the workload between canopy management, floor management and weed control. Bud break came in mid-March and bloom followed in late May. Harvest came at the end of August, spurred by a heat wave in the triple digits for several days. The severe heat spiked sugar levels even with the premeditated addition of irrigation to help the vines and grapes ride through the heat. Harvest was quickly sent into overdrive with grapes flying into the winery by the truckload. All said and done, the quality looks and tastes amazing. I believe these are some of the best wines to come.

Grape clusters were hand picked, destemmed, and gently basket-pressed into stainless steel tanks. Racked once off the gross lees, the juice was then fermented @ 58 degrees F for 20 days to maintain fresh, crisp aromatics. The wine was cold stabilized, fined with Bentonite and Gelatin, and then sterile filtered. 30 ppm SO2 at bottling.

Crisp floral aromatics of honeysuckle and jasmine are woven with white grapefruit and lime zest. The palette is linear and fresh, with focused acidity and great minerality.

Not intended for age. Drink now.