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2016 Chardonnay Label


HARVESTED: August 24th-September 16, 2016
VINEYARD LOCATION: Woodside, Los Altos Hills, Saratoga
SOILS: Clay loam
BOTTLED: April 2017, 405 cases
COMPOSITION: 100% Chardonnay
ALCOHOL: 12.8%

After quite a serious multi-year drought, the winter rains almost returned to normal, bringing temporary
relief to our heat stressed vineyards. January was warm, and kicked the vines into a stage of advanced
bud break. A cool summer helped push the harvest back about a week, allowing for maximum hang time.
This hang time was very welcomed to encourage the phenological ripeness of the berries, developing ripe
flavors and lignified tannins. We were able to harvest the vineyards successional throughout September
which resulted in some great wines to come.

We harvest our Chardonnay vineyards in three separate blocks of time, Saratoga and Woodside coming
in 2 weeks earlier than Los Altos Hills. The fruit is handpicked, destemmed, and sorted on the shaker
table. We then add enzymes to increase juice yields and flavour profile from the skins, where in which, it
sits on skins anywhere from 4-12 hours. We then hand load the 1 ton stainless steel basket press and
press all night via small batches. The juice is cold settled overnight, and racked into barrels where it
begins an inoculated ferment for the next 10-15 days @ 60 degrees F. The is allowed to go through
partial malolactic, and SO2 is added upon taste. The idea was to preserve the freshness and linear acid
of the wine through the retention of malic acid.

Bright asian pear, gun smoke and candied meyer lemon rind aromatically entice. Tight and linear, the
mouth watering acidity rejuvenates the palette with elements of cherimoya and key lime pie in a seamless

Due to the high acid backbone of this wine, it loves oxygen. Intended to be consumed now, could be
cellared for 2-4 years.