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2015 Sauvignon Blanc Label


HARVESTED: August 26th, 2015
VINEYARD: Atherton and Woodside.
SOILS: Bale loam clay
BOTTLED: April 15, 2016
COMPOSITION: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
ALCOHOL: 13.6%
PRODUCTION: 322 cases

In our third straight year of a record breaking drought, bud break began early due to the lack of groundwater available for the vines. However, half of our annual rainfall poured down in the spring when the vines needed it the most. This spring saturation aided in moderating vine stress and allowing us to irrigate less and at more critical times throughout the year. High winds during flowering, in combination with drought, reduced the amount of crop / fruit set. However, the rest of the growing season was warm and even, allowing us to carefully harvest at ideal time frames. As yields were slightly down, quality remained incredible, potentially surpassing the last 2 vintages in skin to juice ratio. The August 4th start of harvest in the Santa Cruz Mountains was the earliest in the 70 years of recorded history at Mount Eden.

Grape clusters were hand picked, destemmed, and gently basket-pressed into stainless steel tanks. Racked once off the gross lees, the juice was then fermented @ 58 degrees F for 20 days to maintain fresh, crisp aromatics. The wine was cold stabilized, unfined, and sterile filtered. 30ppm SO2 at bottling.

Lovely aromas of passionfruit, papaya, star fruit and melon. On the palate the wine has a full impact and presents freshness and clean fruit purity balanced by a slight minerality.

Not intended for age. Drink now.