Weekday Daytime Events

For weekday daytime events of more than 15 people, the guests use group or shared transportation (bus/Lyft/Uber), per the event booking contract.

Evening or Weekend Events

For evening or weekend events, we have shared parking lots. Please be respectful of our neighbors and help ensure all visitors to La Honda park in our designated parking areas only.

They are shown in RED on the map (street addresses are below).

No parking in neighbors’ driveways or spaces.

No parking permitted directly outside the winery.

Thank you.

La Honda Winery Parking Lots Map

La Honda Winery is at 2645 Fair Oaks Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063.

Parking can be found nextdoor at 2643/2663 Fair Oaks Ave.

And further parking can be be found a block away at 2731/2761 Fair Oaks Ave